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Mendoza White Tour
$695USD per person double

Includes Flights/Hotel/Tours/Transfers
from Buenos Aires or Santiago



Mendoza Red Tour
$795USD per person double

Includes Flights/Hotel/Tours/Transfers
from Buenos Aires or Santiago



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A valid passport is required. It must not expire during the course of your trip; if so you must renew your passport prior to your trip. United States and Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter Argentina; if you are not a United States or Canadian citizen please check with the Argentinean consulate and your own country's consulate to verify what documents are required of you. We recommend bringing several photocopies of your passport (not notarized) to carry with you where necessary.


Vaccinations are not required however any health related questions should be addressed with your personal health care provider. Be sure to bring with you a medical history if you have any health condition that would require special attention or consideration in the event of illness or accident. Public hospitals, available for all tourists, are open for emergencies 24 hours.


Standard electricity is 220volts, 50Hz. Sockets have either European style two cylindrical holes or Australian style two slotted diagonal holes. You may need a converter as well as an adapter depending upon the appliance you are using. Purchase a converter prior to leaving home if you believe you will need one.


Mendoza is a safe city, however just as in any city be cautious and aware of your surroundings. For example, do not leave handbags hanging on the chair back in public places, do not walk along dark streets at night, do not leave your bags or personal items unattended. It is a good idea to use a security purse that you wear under your clothing for credit cards, your passport photocopy and larger amounts of cash. Keep only a small amount of cash in outside pockets.


Spring (September 21 to December 20)
Summer (December 21 to March 20)
Autumn (March 21 to June 20)
Winter (June 21 to September 20)


Mendoza sits at the foot of the Andes mountains, to it's west, and the plains to it's east. The skies are rarely overcast and it's climate is generally mild and dry; quite similar to California. Summers can be hot and humid at times and you will need a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen; winters have more rain and are cooler. You may need a lightweight jacket or sweater if you are going up into the Andes mountains.


Areas of Argentina can be one, two or three hours different from Eastern Standard Time depending on what part of the country you are in and what month it is. It is recommended that you verify local time upon arrival. Mendoza can be one or two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.


The Argentinean Peso (ARS) is the official national currency. The $ symbol represents an amount in pesos and if an item is posted in U.S. Dollars it may appear as u$s or us$. It is rare however to see prices posted in other than ARS. ATM's are available in most cities and that is probably your best bet for obtaining funds. We recommend that you exchange your currency upon arrival in Argentina for a slightly better rate than in your home country. Credit cards are widely accepted however smaller stores often only accept cash.


At a typical restaurant approximately a 10% gratuity is appreciated. It is not necessary to tip a taxi driver, just round up to the next peso or so if you'd like.

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